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What goes up...

Chances are, if you're reading this page, you may have recently seen or bought a copy of What Goes Up - the promotional 8 page Magellan comic with this wrap around cover... YAY!

What goes up...

The 8 page sequence where Epoch saves a 747 full of passengers - including nun-dressed Australian superhero Go!Anna - from crashing can be read online... here.

Magellan is a free serialised superhero webcomic by Stephen Crowley. There are 2 new pages added every week and, with over 500 pages already online, there’s a lot of great reading in the archives.

Nominated for a Webcartoonists Choice Award 2005 & 2006 & 2007 – Best Superhero or Action Webcomic
Available on GraphicSmash.com – home to the internet’s best action comics!
[Parents: Magellan contains mature themes, swears and some violence so might not be suitable for children!]

All about Go!Anna and Epoch

While Go!Anna and Epoch are only two of many characters featured in Magellan, their roles are sigificant.

Epoch (aka Vlad Epoch): is a hugely popular superhero (with great strength, invulnerability and the ability to fly) plus he's a member of the supergroup Force Magellan. He's also the father of Charisma, a first-year cadet at Magellan Justice Academy. Epoch makes numerous appearances throughout the comic (including the full length story Buying the Stairway to Heaven). The pages which lead him directly to What Goes Up... can be read here: The big day...

Go!Anna (aka Annie Summers): She is an Australian superhero with a long tail, considerable athletic talent and the ability to climb walls. As What Goes Up... starts she has been on the trail of a stolen artefact. For your convenience, here are links to the pages leading up to that moment:

[Go!Anna][The Burrow][Feeling useless][Sliced and diced][Zelda][No more games!]

The story continues after What Goes Up... in Chapter 3: Daze (use the NEXT buttons at the bottom of the page to read through the story)....

Want to start reading the rest of Magellan?

Current page: A new chapter commenced in November 2011. Titled Lock(e)down this new story builds on almost eight years and 650 pages of Magellan back history but is still an ideal stepping on point for new readers (and even for those who haven’t caught up with the cadets and various goings on at Magellan Justice Academy for a while - you know who you are!)
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Archives: The Magellan archives are free - reading from the first scene is the best way to get started! Use the [Next][Previous] buttons at the end of each page to navigate/ move through the story. Happy reading!

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